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Sunrise Tour

Bookings Essential


$70 Adult / $60 Child (under 16yrs)- plus EMC (Environmental Management Charge) $3.50

What a wonderful way to start the day a 30min paddle at first light.We gently glide over the fringing reefs of Double Island waiting for those first streaks of sunlight to burst from the horizon. Once on the island we setup fresh fruit and juices before trekking along the shore line looking for Blue Spotted Lagoon rays, Mangrove rays, Eagle rays, Shovel Nose sharks and an array of fish and crabs - not to mention the birds of prey. With the sun now glistening over the water we start our journey back to Palm Cove whilst looking deep into the reef beneath. You won’t be disappointed getting up early for this tour!

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Kayak Turtle & Stingray Tour

Bookings Essential


$90 Adult / $70 Child (under 16yrs)- plus EMC (Environmental Management Charge) $3.50

Starting from our location right alongside Palm Cove jetty we are a short 5 min paddle straight across to Haycock Reef where we begin our search for sea turtles gliding over the shallow reef stopping along the way on Double Island for some refreshments. From there we will look for stingrays and learn about the history of double island and haycock island and might even try some bush tucker (foods) with an introduction to Aboriginal bush foods and medicines utilising plant life along the shorelines. There is still plenty to see on the paddle home with an abundance of marine life at this location.

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Double Island Half day Kayaking & Snorkelling

Bookings Essential


$130 Adult / $100 Child (under 16yrs)- plus EMC (Environmental Management Charge) $7.00

You will be amazed at the beauty of what Double Island and it's surrounding reefs hold. We start the tour with an introduction to paddling a sea kayak and quick safety talk. It's not long before we are paddling over the beautiful fringing reefs with fish and rays jumping in front of us and Ospreys overhead. We pull the kayaks up to the beach at Scout's Hat and explore the rock pools for octopus, sea cucumber, crabs, soft corals and a vast array of Great Barrier Reef fish.

This is also a great area to snorkel depending on the swell, with coral bombies emerging from the deep waters below. from here we paddle around the eastern side of the Island and explore some great sea caves - in some cases we will snorkel into these caves. Just around the corner is our resting place on the coral fringed beach. Fresh fruit and juices are laid out on the natural rock table. Everybody can snorkel or swim here as the waters are always calm. Around the western side we stop again on the beach next to the exclusive Double Island Resort. This is where the movie stars stay whilst in FNQ. We again explore the shoreline with Blue Spotted Lagoon rays, Mangrove rays, Shovel Nose sharks and a host of other marine life can be seen. During the paddle home, turtles and dolphins can quite often pop up in front of us.

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Rainforest River Drift

Bookings Essential



A spectacular Drift on an Inflatable Lilo Sled along a 5klm stretch of waterway in the Worlds Oldest Rainforest.

Along the way you may get the chance to see some of Australia's amazing Wildlife like Ulysses and Birdwing Butterflies, Waterdragons, Kingfishers or maybe an elusive Platypus or even an Emu.

The duration of the drifting takes 2.5hrs plus return trip back to Palm Cove is 2hrs.

Total tour time is 4.5 to 5hrs back to Palm Cove.

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Ocean Adventure II - Vlassof Cay

Bookings Essential

Departure - Yorkeys Knob Marina or if weather is suitable Palm Cove (needs to be very calm conditions)

$2000 Boat / Max 8 Passengers - Plus reef tax $8 p.p

Private charter to a small sand cay (island) out within the Great Barrier Reef on our very fast boat Ocean Adventure II .Theres some amazing snorkeling locations around Vlassof Cay in pristine waters where theres plenty of beautiful corals ,Giant Clams and Clown Fish (Nemo's) to be seen whilst snorkeling on special sites selected by us in the shallow pristine waters

Vlassof Cay is popular with the locals because its so beautiful and well protected within then Reef itself and has no strong currents making for a relaxing enjoyable time snorkeling

Provided is snorkeling equipment. Stinger suits in season of Jellyfish. Water. Ice. Esky and a super fun time

Weather permitting activity call to enquire or book availability. 24hrs notice required for booking.

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Hires - from 8:30am

Single Kayak - $30 per hour

Double Kayak - $40 per hour

SUP - $25 per hour

Hire Notes

It is at PCW's discretion to hire equipment and only when calm conditions are on the ocean. If you look at waves on the ocean and see white ontop of the wave then its too rough for hires and we wont allow equipment to be hired for safety reasons.

Restrictions are in place on where hires are allowed and that is as far as the nearest shoreline on Double Island. The exception is customers who have been on tours, you are entitled to a V.I.P pass of 20% discount on the price of a hire and are allowed extra privileges as we have assessed your capabilities and competency whilst on tour with us. Weather conditions permitting, V.I.P pass holders have extra access to areas that you experienced whilst on tour.

VIP Pass is for 7 days aftern the tour

Hires must bring a phone and be wearing a Tshirt - Dry bag will be provided for phone.

Prohibited items for hires - Drugs, alcohol and snorkeling equipment, snorkeling is classed as a high risk activity by Insurance companies and Queensland State Laws, making it a supervised activity by trained personnel of the business operating the activity.

Stinger suit hire

$5 each hire

** Cancellation Policy Info

We are the original kayak tour company based in Palm Cove established over 35 years ago

Many of our customers keep coming back year after year some of whom have been out on tour with us 5 times

Due to our location being so close to Haycock Reef and Double Island we can do shorter tours and cover more distance in our tour times eg. Our 2hr tour takes another company 3hrs to do the same distance back to location of where tours departed from.

We provide our customers with all safety equipment on tours such as Life Jackets Reef Boots (so you dont cut feet on corals and rocks).

We have an impeccable safety history - Our customers safety is our highest priority just ask locals and Palm Cove Lifeguards.

We come highly recommended.

Our Double kayaks have never capsized thats why we use them they are extremely stable

We don't believe in doing "Downwinders" as if the weather conditions are that rough that kayaks need to be picked up at another location during tour rather than making it back to where we started from then we know its not going to be an enjoyable tour for customers and they won't see any wildlife on that type of tour due to strong winds and rough seas and likely to be unsafe in those conditions that other companies call "Downwinders".

We supply light refreshments on tours.

We don't push or influence our customers to write our reviews like other companies.

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